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Chinese version / 中文版: 欲死不能

Non possum mori[1] (Latin for "(I) can't die"), also known as a stuck ball or trap[2] is a softlock where the player is unable to make progress because the ball is stuck and can neither die nor complete the section. Non possum mori can only be removed by restarting the level or installing a suicider.

Non possum mori
Non possum mori at the beginning of level 1


After the player gets into a non possum mori, the ball cannot escape, so unless the level is restarted, the game cannot continue. Non possum mori can be a mapping flaw that generally can be avoided by the map maker's careful inspection of the map logic.

Non possum mori appears in both original levels and custom levels. It is generally believed that non possum mori in custom levels (if they exist but is not easy to trigger) is only a slight error in mapping that can be tolerated, and is not as serious as non possum vivi. However, if there too many non possum mori s in a level, it will lead to a greatly reduced player experience.


Non possum mori caused by roads

There are two types of non possum mori caused by the surfaces alone, namely:

  • Stuck type: The spacing of the road design is too narrow, and the player ball gets stuck in it when trying to enter.
  • Trap type: The player ball is surrounded in the middle of the road, there is no exit, and it cannot die.

In particular, paper ball has a large "randomness" due to its irregular shape, and it may happen to be stuck on a narrow road surface that can pass through under certain normal conditions because the long axis just passes through a narrow gap . For example, Original level The spiral double rails spacing of 12-7 is too small. If you use a paper ball and derail, it may cause the ball to be stuck in it.

Non possum mori with objects

Objects (including prop balls) can be quite "random" in creating non possum mori, and it is generally caused by the semi-free movement of the modul, which can cause the player's ball to be stuck between the modul and the organ or between the organ and the road triggered in the middle.

It's worth noting that sometimes balls pushing multiple side-by-side boxes or prop balls at the same time can also cause incapacity (the ball gets "stuck" on the side of the prop), even though the player ball should be able to move normally . This should be a problem with Ballance's own physics engine.

Non possum mori due to infinite fall

If the player ball falls from the platform, but bypasses the DepthTestCube, it will fall indefinitely, instead of resurrecting to continue the challenge or failing to replay. For example, there is no DepthTestCube near end of level 7. When the player falls in front of the balloon and continues to move forward, it is easy to cause non possum mori.

Non possum mori due to transformers

If two different transformers are two close to each other, the ball can be stuck in an infinite loop, repeatedly changing balls. This can usually only be fixed by holding down the Esc key to open the menu.

Pseudo-non possum mori

Sometimes the player's ball can seem to be "stuck" and cannot move, pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard can actually make the ball move slightly (you can find a slight change in angle of view if you observe carefully), and it may be possible to get out of this pseudo-non possum mori. But in this case, it may take a very long time to get the ball out of the stuck state, so it is generally considered that this time is no different from an ordinary non possum mori. This situation is often seen when the wooden ball tries to push the box under falling stone and comes to the opposite side.

When the player ball is ejected to a very high position (more common when using Bouncy Ball), although it can fall back to the normal level area after a natural fall, it may take a very long time, it can also be regarded as pseudo-non possum mori.

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  2. Dilant's term