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Records of Ballance is an important part of Ballance Forums and their activities. So far, there are many record certifiers that support the verification and presentation of Ballance records. In the following text, the corresponding record certifiers and their supporting record modes will be introduced one by one. Each record mode has a unique type of symbol that you can use to quickly determine what recording mode is used in some recorded videos or during everyday chats. For record publishers, it's best to mark this type of symbol on your video.

  • Game rules
  • CSR (Chinese Speedrun)
  • CHS (Chinese High Score)
  • CCSR (Chinese Crazy Speedrun)
  • CCHS (Chinese Crazy High Score)
  • Prerequisites
  • Upload a video of the run to certify your score.
  • No modes allow changing gaming file and data. Supports original Ballance and a modified version by 2jjy and jxpxxzj to show Chinese character in game and confirmed by Chinese Ballance Forum.
  • The scoring of CHS and CCHS is the score which can be seen at scoreboard's item called Score. This means that the final score contains level bonus and extra lives.
  • The CSR, CCSR mode requires Any% for the props in the game.
  • CSR and CCSR use a formula to calculate your speedrun time: Seconds = (Initial score + Earned score - Final Time Points) / 2 For initial score, level 1 is 1000 and others are 999. Final Time Points will be displaied when you finish a level on your scoreboard.
  • Taking advantage of glitches is prohibited in CHS, CSR.
  • CCHS, CCSR only allows zip glitch and camera skew glitch.
  • CCHS, CCSR scores must be higher than the corresponding CHS, CSR. If lower, they will not be accepted.
  • The way to submit

Open a post in Chinese Ballance Forum and attach your video to your post.[1]

Chinese leaderboard doesn't have history feature. So it only can show the 1st player of corresponding speedrun records.

Alternatively, you can contact yyc12345 in Discord server.

  • Supported record authentication mode
  • URTAG-12 (Universal Real Time Attack Glitch (Pass 12 levels))
  • URTAG-13 (Universal Real Time Attack Glitch (Pass 13 levels))
  • URTA-12 (Universal Real Time Attack Glitchless (Pass 12 levels))
  • URTA-13 (Universal Real Time Attack Glitchless (Pass 13 levels))
  • UIL (Universal Individual Level Glitchless)
  • Rules

The detail about the rule can be found on Speedrun.com.

If you have some questions, you can ask Leemyy(#7335) or Erlich Bachman(#5186) in our Discord server directly.

  • The way to submit

Sutmit your video on Speedrun.com's Ballance page directly.

  • Supported record authentication mode
  • SSR(Score Manager Speedrun)
  • SHS(Score Manager High Score)
  • Rules
  • Must use Score Manager to play.
  • For scoring method, SSR=CSR, SHS=CHS.
  • It's best to record a video of the process about creating your record, which is convenient for proving your score when your score have some problems.
  • The way to submit
No need to do anything. Score Manager will submit your score automatically.


  1. Because of the bugs in Baidu forum systems, almost any links cannot be attached now.
  2. Videos till August 2018