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Joined 7 July 2018
Chinese version / 中文版: User:BallanceBug/zh
This page is an autobiography and it may contain humorous, exaggerated and even false content.
Monorail.png Not good at game skills
This user does not dare to roll on monorails without alignment.
Custom level sample-thumb.jpg Mapper
This user has released at least one Ballance custom level.
BallanceBug avatar.jpg
Avatar of BallanceBug in Baidu Tieba since circa April 2010.
Personal details
Born Date unknown (age unknown)
Real name unknown
Place unknown
Nationality Chinese
Other names Unknown
Professions Unknown
Known for Ballance mapper
Years active 2010–2013; 2018–present

BallanceBug (User @ballancebug in Baidu Tieba) is an ordinary Ballance player, mapper and one of the founders of GCBA (GE Coldstar Ballance Association). Joined in Chinese Ballance Forum (Baidu Tieba) in March 2010 and took up the post as an admin in February 2019.

Skills in Playing Ballance

Has the ability to complete all 13 default levels but not a speedrunner.

Max score achieved on Level 1 by BallanceBug
(The record is 4728; the score line in the Chinese forum is 4700)
Score Time
4683 c. 2012
4699 4 February 2019
4701 24 June 2019

As a mapper

Started mapping in 2010, with the first custom level released in 2011; made two map packs in 2018 and 2019.


All custom levels listed below can be found and downloaded at BallanceBug的永硕E盘

Levels by BallanceBug (list)

Sorted by date; levels verified as “fine works” are in bold.

Independent custom levels

Name Date of Release
Ballance Wooden[note 1] 4 December 2011
In-13[note 2] 7 February 2012
180519 19 May 2018
Skyland Mazes 30 September 2018
Arrow crossing the clouds[note 3] 18 May 2019
The 2010s[note 4] 29 December 2019

Other edited levels

Name Date of Release
Simplified Crazy Machines[note 5] 10 April 2011
Semi-transparent Level 1, 3, 6, 8 October 2011 ~ April 2012[note 6]
Castles in the Air 10 December 2011
Waterpool Test 25 December 2011
Reversed Level 3, 11, 12 August ~ September 2012[note 7]
From Nothing February 2016[note 8]
Reversed Level 13 27 April 2018
High-elastic floors: a test for new modules 5 May 2018
Maximum speed test level 2 April 2020


  1. Section 1 in this level was made by 2jjy.
  2. Discarded by the map pack due to some reasons.
  3. Alternative name: 190518.
  4. Made together with [[User:GEcoldstar|]].
  5. Original level by 2jjy (released in 2010)
  6. Semi-transparent Level 3 in October 2011; 6, 8 in November 2011; 1 in April 2012.
  7. Reversed Level 11 in August 2012; 12, 3 in September 2012.
  8. This is the time of finishing; still unreleased till now.

Other works

Only notable works are listed.

Name Type Date
Independent background for level 13 patch 2 July 2011
Special high-elastic floors patch 5 May 2018
3ds Max mapping tutorials tutorial 15 December 2018
updated in February 2019
Making rails with 3ds Max tutorial 18 July 2019
YouTube channel: ballancebug re-posting Ballance videos on Chineses websites (under authorization), registered on 20 April 2018


  • Obviously this username comes from Ballance; just before registering the account, a bug/glitch occurred during playing Level 13.
  • Left Ballance Forum in 2013 but returned in 2018.